The Paradise of Wolves

["Alternative : Ookamitachi no Tengoku","误入野狼天国的女孩","オオカミたちの天国","Wolves' Paradise","Syurga Serigala (Malaysia)","Ang Paraiso ng mga Lobo (Filipino)"]

Updated: September 19, 2021 19:15

The Paradise of Wolves summary:

From Serenus Dreamers, Story 1: "Be careful of the student council." Although she heard of that rumor, Mizuki who has just transferred starts a fight with a member of student council. Of course they started picking her, and they forced her to enter dangerous "Tagging Contest" that's sponsored by the student council...!? But why can't anyone help her---? Handsome Girl is Yours!; Story 2: Kiyomi is a Boy?! Well dont be tricked!! Sakura kiyomi is in love with her best friend Haruhito whom she always protected and cared since kids, but this sick love its just one-sided. So, In order for him dont have a stabble girlfriend, she interfers by trasvesting herself as a Handsome Boy who always snap away his girlfriends!! But, what will happen when a super-high-level-rival appears?? Will she be able to make this rival fall in love with her BOY-SIDE, and leave Haruhito alone?? Or will He...

Status: completed
Romance School Life Shoujo Comedy Gender Bender One Shot
1 Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
2 Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
3 Vol.1 Chapter 3 : A Phobia For The Opposite Sex/magnetic Body

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