["Alternative : 先輩"]

Updated: September 14, 2021 00:37

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Senpai summary:

(From Baka-Updates) Fujinami Kou is a high school second-year who had lost his boyfriend, an upperclassman schoolmate, to a car accident an year previously. On the anniversary of Misumi senpai's death, Kou is dispirited and contemplating skipping school. Kakitsubata Saki, a first-year, sees him and offers help, assuming that he's ill. As Kou startles at the sight of Saki's face and mentions that he resembles "the person I used to go out with", the younger boy is instantly intrigued and resolves to discover his sorrowful, introverted upperclassman's secret.

Status: completed
Drama School Life Shounen Ai