Genre School life

Peter Pan Syndrome

Updated: July 07, 2020 04:41

Peter Pan Syndrome summary: From Esthétique: Twelve-year-old junior high school girl Hasumi Kohaku moved into town in search of her mother. She is gifted with ESP and the ability to fly when the sun is down. Kohaku soon used her powers in front of her classmates in order to save her friend Yuuro...

Status: completed
Romance School Life Shoujo Supernatural

17 O'Clocks

Updated: July 04, 2020 21:33

17 O'Clocks summary: Komai doesn't really interact with her classmates, she likes having space for breathing. But what happens when the most popular boy in her school approaches her?...

Status: completed
Romance School Life Shoujo One Shot

Birdcage Classroom

["Alternative : 鳥かご教室","鸟笼教室"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 16:14

Birdcage Classroom summary: Birdcage Classroom summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Birdcage Classroom. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it. ...

Status: completed
School Life Shoujo One Shot

Wakusei Honey

["Alternative : Planet Honey","惑星 Honey"]

Updated: July 07, 2020 01:12

Wakusei Honey summary: Nagahara Kisara can read thoughts. Miura-kun is a popular guy, apparently normal, but with unknown feelings for all... Do Kisara unveil?...

Status: completed
Romance School Life Shoujo

Chihayafuru: Middle School Arc

["Alternative : Chihaya Furu Chugakuseihen","Chihayafuru - Middle School Arc","Chihayafuru Junior High School Arc","Chihayafuru: Chuugakusei-Hen","Chihayafuru: Middle School Edition","ちはやふる 中学生編"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 17:58

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Chihayafuru: Middle School Arc summary: Translated Official description: During elementary school, it was competitive karuta that Arata, Chihaya, and Taichi were tied together with a strong bond––the new trio.  Arata went to a different middle school returning to Fukui, while Taichi attende...


["Alternative : Di Er Mo Shi","第二模式"]

Updated: July 03, 2020 23:19

MODEⅡ summary: "Mode II" is an app that can give its users certain superpowers. One day, a frail-looking high school student named Ye Qiu accidentally accepts an invitation to test this app and gains the ability to hear people's inner thoughts and feelings. After his sister Ye Zi is assaulted a...

Meitantei Marnie

["Alternative : 名探偵マーニー","นักล่าปริศนา มานี","Meitantei Marny"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 22:26

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Meitantei Marnie summary: From MangaHelpers: Where there are people, there is drama and troubles to be solved. Marnie's father works as a detective to solve problems created between people, whether they are marriage issues or murder cases. Just like her father, Marnie also solves cases as long as...

Status: ongoing
School Life Mystery Shounen

Imouto wa Neko

["Alternative : My Little Sister is a Cat","妹は猫"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 02:37

Imouto wa Neko summary: The daily life of a young man, whose little sister is a cat....

Status: ongoing
School Life Comedy Fantasy Seinen Slice Of Life

JK Shousetsuka ppoi!

["Alternative : JK小説家っぽい","She looks like a novelist!"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 20:35

Ranked: #26173
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JK Shousetsuka ppoi! summary: At her high school entrance ceremony, Hibino Yuika meets the pretty Hoshizawa Nabi who... looks like a novelist?...

Zombi Shoujo no Fujimi-san

["Alternative : Zombi-shoujo no Fujimi-san","Zombie Shoujo no Fujimi-san","ゾン美少女の藤美さん"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 11:09

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Zombi Shoujo no Fujimi-san summary: An ashen-colored adolescence vividly resurrects in a broken collapsed world. Saito Ryo presents a dystopian youth romcom!...

Homura Sensei is probably unpopular

["Alternative : Homura sensei ha tabun motenai","Хомура сенсей не хороший","Хомура сенсей, вероятно, не популярен","ほむら先生はたぶんモテない"]

Updated: July 07, 2020 00:49

Homura Sensei is probably unpopular summary: High-school student Hasumi-chan is drawn to Khomura-sensei, a young, socially awkward biology teacher generally seen as weak and boring but recognized by her to be kind. Молодой учитель биологии Хомура всегда ходи...

Status: ongoing
School Life Comedy Slice Of Life

Bunny and her Boys

["Alternative : 바니와 오빠들, Bani-wa Oppadeul, Bunny and the Boys, Barney and Oppas,"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 09:25

Bunny and her Boys summary: “I don’t care about a guy’s appearance in the slightest.” Bunny, as a freshman in university, experiences the worst first relationship of her life. Handsome guys were a no to her before, but when she finally decides to accept her natural instinct of liking hand...

Villainess Level 99 ~I may be the Hidden Boss but I'm not the Demon Lord~

["Alternative : Akuyaku Reijou Reberu 99 ~Watashi wa UraBOSU desuga Maou de wa arimasen~","悪役令嬢レベル99~私は裏ボスですが魔王ではありません~"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 09:28

Villainess Level 99 ~I may be the Hidden Boss but I'm not the Demon Lord~ summary: I reincarnated into the "Villainess Eumiella" from an RPG Otome game. In the main story, Eumielle'as merely a side character, but after the ending, she reenters the story as the Hidden Boss, a character on par to t...

We On

["Alternative : 위 온 (Korean)","We On - Be the Shield","We On: Be the Shield"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 05:07

We On summary: When the world is threatened by a parasitic alien invasion, our only hope lies with a group of super powered teenagers. But how can they save the world when they can hardly save themselves? Teamwork, optimism, and good intentions are seemingly no longer enough as each enemy is stro...

Shirokuma to Fumeikyoku

["Alternative : White Bears and Unknown Post-Office","シロクマと不明局"]

Updated: July 01, 2020 21:56

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Shirokuma to Fumeikyoku summary: Kumamoto Chieko died just before she could fully enjoy school life as a high school student. Before it's fully decided whether she should be sent to Heaven or Hell, she gets tricked by a mysterious pumpkin-head "person" who instead sends her to Purgatory....

Status: ongoing
School Life Comedy Supernatural Seinen

Rebellio Machine

["Alternative : リベリオ・マキナ"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 09:28

Rebellio Machine summary: In a peaceful country where Automata are developed and humans and vampires coexist. A boy who was supposed to become a hero rises in revolt. To save the lonely princess and to resist the false world....


["Alternative : Dumb Couple ,バカップル"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 09:43

Bakapple summary: They are baka! They are a couple! They are a baka couple, so that makes them... a Bakapple!<br><br>This is a story about a high school couple who can't contain their love for each other... and that makes them act even more stupid! Where will their pure, uninhibited, ...

Beware of Your Boyfriend

["Alternative : 남자친구를 조심해"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 09:27

Beware of Your Boyfriend summary: Da-In and Si-Hyun are in the same class, but they’ve never spoken to each other. One day, an unfamiliar guy appears and says he is the Lee Si-Hyun from the future, and that they’ll go out with each other. Da-In doesn’t believe him, but as his predictions co...

Status: ongoing
Drama Romance School Life Webtoons

Autumn Wind and Rain

["Alternative : Whispers Through the Autumn Breeze","秋语落风—山寨大哥成长记"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 09:27

Autumn Wind and Rain summary: Zhang Luofeng is just trying to live a peaceful life – all he wants is to fit in at school and make friends! He even has a crush on Yin Qiuqiu, the beautiful but cold Student Council member. The only problem? He’s the young master of the Sui Feng Clan! A tale abo...

Status: ongoing
Romance School Life Slice Of Life Webtoons

Miss Time

["Alternative : 미스타임"]

Updated: July 06, 2020 09:27

Miss Time summary: Miss Gold Lee Gaon made a successful career as a personal trainer and is in a rival-like relationship against the famous romance novelist, Jiho, famous for his notorious badmouthing. * Miss Gold in South Korea is an unmarried woman with high socioeconomic background. Gaon went ...