Author Shiina chika

Ao no binetsu manga

["Alternative : 青の微熱","Slight Blue Fever","Enfer Bleu"]

Updated: September 23, 2020 17:37

Ranked: #11877
Popularity: #11708
Rated 3 / 5 based on 180 votes.

Ao no Binetsu summary: From HaruHime: The story sets place on a certain southern island. Kakeru, Mana’s brother-in-law, has been demanding her body for two years now. One day, Mana goes swimming in the ocean and meets Akihiro. Akihiro transfers into her class, and the two start going out. Altho...

Year: 2011
Status: ongoing
Drama Romance Shoujo Mature Smut

Sensei, sotsugyou manga

Updated: September 23, 2020 23:13

Ranked: #12380
Popularity: #12938
Rated 3 / 5 based on 316 votes.

Collection of oneshots: 1) Sensei, Sotsugyou 2) Sensei, me and Kento-kun 3) Koi ni Ochita Sagishi-kun 4) Ao no Binetsu extra edition side: Yoshioka...

Year: 2012
Status: completed
Romance Shoujo

Shoujo no Jikan

["Alternative : 少女の時間","Girl Time"]

Updated: September 24, 2020 01:37

Ranked: #13012
Popularity: #10515
Rated 3 / 5 based on 457 votes.

Shoujo no Jikan summary: Aoi is a quiet and shy girl who always suffer from the attacks of classmates. Tomoya is the most popular guy in school who does not even suspect the existence of Aoi. Atsushi is Aoi's uncle to whom she was always forbidden to approach. Atsushi invites Aoi to teach her to ...

Status: completed
Romance School Life Shoujo Smut