Adeyaka prince manga

["Alternative : 艶やかプリンス","Amai Akumu no Memai","Glossily Kabuki Prince"]

Updated: December 04, 2021 17:01

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Adeyaka Prince summary:

A collection of short stories. Based on descriptions from Chibi Manga: 1. Adeyaka Prince Maki has just entered senior high school and all her friends are getting boyfriends. She longs to be loveydovey with a boy as well. One day she almost falls when walking on the street and is saved by a very handsome young man wearing a kimono... 2. Amai Akumu no Memai Her parents goes abroad and sends Saki to live in an old house that belongs to some of their friends. The handsome boy Yashiki already lives in the house; and he scares her with stories about ghosts living in the house. Saki loses weight and feels dizzy, is it because Yashiki is really a ghost that sucks her life force? 3. Omocha no Kuni ni Tsurete tte 4. Koi Majinai 5. Ai Koso Subete 6. Adeyaka Prince Bangaihen: Adeyaka Parfume

Year: 2011
Status: ongoing
Romance Shoujo One Shot
1 Chapter 1 : adeyaka prince 1
2 Chapter 2 : adeyaka prince 2
3 Chapter 3 : adeyaka prince 3
4 Chapter 4 : Chapter 4

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